Chuanyang Zheng (郑传阳)

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I am a Ph.D. student in CSE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Yu Li . Previously, I received the Bachelor of Science degree from Computer Science Department, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2021, under the supervison from Prof. YUEN, Pong Chi. During my undergraduate, I was very lucky to do research advised by Prof. Mang Ye and Xiangyuan Lan (Last Update: 20 Oct 2023)

My research interest is AI for Science, mainly including two parts: 1) Math: Large Language Model for Math Reasoning and Proof; 2)Healthcare: single-cell analysis; drug discovery; medical image analysis,

In 2023, I lead or participate in the following research topics:

  • AI4Math, Automated Mathematical Theorem Proving using Large Language Models
  • AI4Healthcare, Single-Cell Sequence Analysis


  • [2023.05.14] Our work PHP is reported by Synced
  • [2023.05.11] One Paper is accepted to QIMS, thanks to Jiaping, Lijie and Keyan!
  • [2022.02.01] Two co-first-author papers are accepted to ISMRM 2022 as Oral presentation.
  • [2021.07.29] Begin Ph.D. Career at CUHK
  • [2020.07.22] One WISE 2020 paper is accepted


(* indicates equal contribution)

Progressive-Hint Prompting Improves Reasoning in Large Language Models

Chuanyang Zheng, Zhengying Liu, Enze Xie, Zhenguo Li, Yu Li
Preprint [Paper] [Code] [GSM8K SOTA] [SVAMP SOTA] [MATH SOTA]

DeepKOA: A deep-learning model predicts progression in knee osteoarthritis using multimodal magnetic resonance images from the osteoarthritis initiative

Jiaping Hu*, Chuanyang Zheng*, Qingling Yu, Lijie Zhong, Keyan Yu, Yanjun Chen, Zhao Wang, Bin Zhang, Qi Dou, and Xiaodong Zhang
Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, 2023 [Paper]

Predicting Knee Osteoarthritis Progression with a interpretable Deep Learning Approach on Magnetic Resonance Imaging: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Jiaping Hu*, Chuanyang Zheng*, Lijie Zhong, Keyan Yu, Yanjun Chen, Zhao Wang, Qi Dou, and Xiaodong Zhang
ISMRM 2022 (Oral) [Paper]

Can infrapatellar fat pad predict the incidence of knee osteoarthritis by using deep learning based on MRI? Data from osteoarthritis initiative

Keyan Yu*, Chuanyang Zheng*, Jiaping Hu, Lijie Zhong, Qi Dou, Xiaodong Zhang
ISMRM 2022 (Oral) [Paper]

Nonnegative Residual Matrix Factorization for Community Detection

Yulong Pei, Cong Liu, Chuanyang Zheng, and Long Cheng
WISE 2020 [Paper]

Group Key Agreement Protocol Based on Privacy Protection and Attribute Authentication

Zhang Qikun, Li Yongjiao, Gan Yong, Zheng Chuanyang, Luo Xiangyang, Zheng Jun
IEEE Access,2019/7/2 [paper]

Honours and Awards

CUHK Postgraduate Scholarship

Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association - Alumnus Edmund Cheung Shang Kang Scholarship

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2020

Outstanding Student Scholarship 2019

Summer Research Scholarship 2019

Nominated to Visit McGill University (top 1%,100K HKD)

Undergraduate Scholarship in Computer Science 2018

Some of my Friends/Colloborators

Enze Xie; Zhengying Liu; Yuqi Cheng; Hongxin Wei